Friday, December 31, 2010


My rude boy flair impressed no one
even when I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean"
I just wanted to enjoy the movie
but my hair was so mad

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Funny Jokes

The thing about telling a funny joke is
the joke itself doesn’t have to be funny
you just have to tell it in a funny way
you could wear a funny hat and flail your arms around
or you could dribble juice down the front of your shirt
you could kiss your father very suddenly on the cheek
or you could get really, really stinking drunk
you could tidy up in the den as the set-up
and then call for an ambulance as the punchline
you could ruin a very valuable painting
or you could remember something horrible
that happened to you when you were little
and cry and cry and cry
just remember
it’s all in the delivery

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

american apparel

is murder too

but the only
person it’s killing
is me

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sandwich Academy

They’re putting new restrictions on our sandwiches
did you hear about this?
we’re only allowed one of each type of sandwich now
because of the economy
and computers
and 9/11
I remember when the upperclassmen were bold
tantalizing our fresh faces with a variety of cheese and sauces
now our faces are wan and sullen
and all our elders have elded
grey-haired and stout
they say variety is the spice of life
but we’ve always known
that the spice of life
is spice

Untitled #2

His anger was vast, but directionless.
Luckily, the library closed early that day.

Fall River

I watched the sun set over Fall River
the air hurt and my back smelled bad

I still didn't understand love,
but I knew I had to go to the bathroom.

Love Poem #19

She said, “no”.

Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Eat Spaghetti

don’t be an asshole
just eat it

Love Poem #6

She wore a leg brace
and talked like a serpent
I saw right through her
her skeleton was beautiful

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I might as well be
an apple or a driveway

a lurid mammal
a maudlin beast

a cleavage of hills
drowning itself in the river


we slept like hot dogs
and woke to our underpants
mopping up the kitchen sink
the neighbors peered in hard
stretching out the screen door
so we went jogging
to where we could read our coffees in peace
turned out our eyes wrote a check
that our dogs couldn’t bounce
but I decided we’d sort that out later
“After all”, I said, “it’s August,
and we’ve got all day”.

One Million Deaths to the Earth Mamas

One million deaths to the Earth mamas
for their feign of meekness
and karmic destiny
‘tis a curious and benign effort, to be sure
surrounding oneself with peace-punks,
thieving pseudo-intellectuals,
and the consistency of ska music

One million deaths to the Earth mamas
for theirs was to inherit
before it even was
and if the poison of every sideways glance could manifest
organic fields would lie fallow

One million deaths to the Earth mamas
for putting nutritional yeast on popcorn
and making their own ketchup

One million deaths to the Earth mamas
may they be buried with their hula-hoops
as the maggots feed on their dreadlocks

One million deaths to the Earth mamas
because we’re all too afraid of them
to do the job ourselves

Love Poem #1

I want to watch you read
I want to see you with wet hair
I want you in high-waisted pants and low-collared shirts
I want you with me on the ride home
I want to keep you up all night

Barre Falls

Yesterday, I wanted to die.
I felt lonely, pathetic,
confused, and lacking in purpose.
I didn’t even know what a good idea looked like.

Today, I walked around at the Barre Falls Dam.
Did you know they have frisbee golf there?